About Olabisi Usidame "The Lagos Trauma Therapist"

Meet Olabisi Usidame

“The Lagos Trauma Therapist”, a visionary and compassionate trailblazer dedicated to the fields of education, mental health, and family well-being. With a multifaceted background in education, mental health coaching, counselling, and trauma therapy, Olabisi's journey is an inspiring testament to her commitment to fostering positive change in individuals' lives and communities.

Educational Background

Olabisi embarked on her academic pursuits with a BSc in Estate Management from the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria. Her passion for education led her to attain a Postgraduate Certification in Education from the esteemed University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, in 2017.

Recognizing the importance of innovative pedagogies, she furthered her expertise with an MA in Education (Innovation in Learning and Teaching) from the University of South Wales, United Kingdom. Currently, Olabisi is pursuing a Masters in Psychological Sciences (Conversion) from Brunel University, London, deepening her knowledge in mental health and emotional well-being.

Passion for Education and Mental Health

As a devoted wife and mother, Olabisi's deep-rooted understanding of the significance of family dynamics drives her commitment to promoting healthy relationships, emotional well-being, and an improved quality of life for all. Her experiences as a veteran educator and her own personal journey fuel her desire to make a positive impact on individuals' emotional well-being and family life.

Trauma Therapy Advocate

Having triumphed over her own experiences of multiple traumas, Olabisi's mission is to guide others on their path to healing. She holds international certifications as a mental health coach, counsellor, and trauma therapist, enabling her to provide valuable support and treatment to those who have endured trauma. Olabisi is dedicated to empowering individuals to become positive contributors to society, facilitating healing and resilience.

Community Involvement

Beyond her professional roles, Olabisi actively participates in social initiatives. She is an associate of Women in Management, Business, and Public Service (WIMBIZ), contributing to the advancement of female entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions. Her involvement with RUFTA, an NGO platform, allows her to extend free mental awareness resources to children and adults, raising awareness about mental and emotional well-being.

Psychoeducation and Empowerment

Olabisi's influence extends through various platforms. A seasoned public speaker, she utilises radio, speaking events, social media, and schools to provide psychoeducation and empower individuals with insights into managing mental and emotional well-being. Her NGO, Teachers With Foresight, equips educators to excel both inside and outside the classroom while exploring opportunities for additional income generation.

Continuous Growth and Impact

Olabisi's commitment to continuous growth and community involvement ensures that Hazon & Dawn Limited remains at the forefront of transformative change. With her extensive educational background, certified expertise, and unwavering dedication, Olabisi Usidame is a catalyst for positive change, leaving an indelible mark on individuals and communities around the world. Her pursuit of a Masters in Psychological Sciences (Conversion) from Brunel University, London, further solidifies her commitment to advancing mental health and emotional well-being.

Professional Roles and Achievements

Olabisi's professional journey has been marked by her roles as an organisation wellness representative and professional educator at CIS Lagos, where she has demonstrated her dedication to holistic well-being and innovative education practices. As the driving force behind Hazon & Dawn Limited, Olabisi envisions a world where individuals and families thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

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